Irrigation & Lighting

Keep your properties looking their best with The Ohio Valley Group! Too much or too little water can be a problem for any commercial business owner. The Ohio Valley Group wants to help you manage your water supply with our Drainage and Irrigation Systems.

Our water management services will help your commercial landscapes in the event of a drought or the natural dry weather your local area experiences when we install our sprinkler systems. Maybe it rains too much in your area or you have a low lying landscape. Regardless of your situation, our drainage systems are always ready to manage the water on your property.

Our Drainage and Irrigation Systems also add to the appeal and value of a property. Potential buyers/renters will be thrilled to know their lawn and landscape is sufficiently maintained and protected. This leaves your customer happy with the look of their land and secure in its care and maintenance.
Premier Light Pro
Irrigation and water management services:

  • Complete irrigation system design and installation
  • Spring system start-up
  • Fall system shut-down
  • Complete service and repair

Surface and subsurface drainage services:

  • Evaluation and estimates for correction
  • Re-grading for improvement of surface drainage
  • Subsurface drainage systems and structures

Leave the care of your commercial landscape to The Ohio Valley Group so you and your customers can sit back and relax. We will manage your water supply and maintain your landscape through our many other services. Call The Ohio Valley Group and receive your professional landscape today.