Ecoscapes – Innovative and Nature Friendly Landscaping

Ecoscapes are an innovative approach to create a sustainable and nature friendly design or construction. Sustainable landscapes result in outdoor spaces and environments that are functional, maintainable, ecologically responsible, more cost effective and beautiful.

Sustainable landscapes are achieved utilizing an appropriate design and implementation process that is in balance with local climates and site conditions and which requires minimal resource inputs to grow and mature.

Goals of a sustainable landscape:

  • Maximize ecological function
  • Conserve natural resources
  • Reduce pollution
  • Add beauty and function

Our team of professionals has been helping clients achieve these goals for years with our modern Ecoscapes. Our perfect blend of Environmental Science, Landscaping Architecture, and Spatial Planning has resulted in a holistic approach to creating beautiful landscapes that are natural and sustainable.

The Ecoscaping process involves:

  • The use of natural products
  • The addition of trees
  • Reducing the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides
  • Taking advantage of Rainwater Harvesting
  • Creating structures that work with the land rather than against it
  • Achieving water balance through self-contained water reservoirs

The Ohio Valley Group wants to help you construct a stunning landscape that is eco-friendly and sustainable. Call today to talk to our Ecoscaping experts to receive your perfect blend of beauty and nature.