Give your yard a unique dimension with a putting green. Volleyball and croquet are fun but nothing beats golf! Relaxing afternoons with your family or fun evenings with friends can be enjoyed in the privacy of your own backyard with one of Ohio Valley Group’s home putting greens.

Why waste time and money going to a professional place of business to practice putting and chipping, when you could just step out your back door? Our landscaping professionals will turn your backyard into a stunning green with different grass levels and surrounding sand traps. You’ll feel as if you are playing on a high end golf course, but in the comfort of your own backyard.

Practice all kinds of different methods and techniques to better your game near and on the green. Different levels of grass will provide you with the perfect opportunity to practice various kinds of chip shots. Our bunkers give you the ability to improve your shots and strategies from the sand. And our smooth greens give you the knowledge to sink both long and short putts alike.

Ohio Valley Group has the expert design and installation expertise for:

  • Residential golf green design
  • Turf installation
  • Tee boxes and seeding

Our team of landscaping experts wants to help improve your golf game while ensuring years of fun and comfort for you, your friends, and family. Don’t hesitate! Call the Ohio Valley Group, receive an estimate, and install your exciting new Golfscape today. You’ll be glad you did.