Kitchens, Fireplaces & Firepits

Nothing keeps guests more engaged than good food and good conversation, which is why outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular.

Imagine… guests gather around the outdoor bar laughing and talking as a pizza is put in the outdoor pizza oven. Mouth-watering aromas waft through the backyard while the tranquil sounds of a water feature offer quiet background ambiance. As the sun sets, the ambiance notches up as soft lights illumine and a fire is started in the fireplace.

Outdoor kitchens give homeowners options because a great outdoor kitchen is the heart of the backyard. Think about it: when a party is set indoors, where does everyone congregate? The kitchen! And when that kitchen is outdoors, everyone gravitates to its warm and inviting atmosphere as well.

Outdoor kitchens can sparkle with style when they include elegant stainless steel cabinetry, full-service bars, granite countertops, as well as a variety of professional equipment such as refrigerators, wine chillers and pizza ovens.

The Ohio Valley Group has been designing and constructing outdoor kitchens, bars, and fireplaces since 1989. Our dedication to our work and our customers is proved through the great satisfaction each of our clients receives. We want you to be among the multitude of people we have helped by creating beautiful, durable outdoor kitchens, bars, and fireplaces. Call our landscaping professionals today! We look forward to earning your trust.