Pergolas, Pavilions & Porches

What exactly is hardscaping in relation to a landscape? Hardscape is man-made materials, or the non-living elements, in your landscape design. For example, it is the concrete, brick, stone, and lighting used to create an outdoor extension of your home’s living space. It can also be a wooden pergola, gazebo, or another type of shade structure. The opposite of hardscape is softscape, or the living plants like flowers, perennials, shrubs and trees in your landscape.

Hardscape structures can include:

  • A classic, wooden pergola supported by classic columns with open sides
  • A wooden gazebo with strategically placed windows
  • A private pavilion which can be open sided or enclosed with sliding glass doors
  • Classic pool house
  • Classic lath house [a practical compromise between a screened-in pergola and wide-open pavilion]
  • A front or back porch to give your home character and provide a gathering place for both family and neighbors

An enclosed screened gazebo, wooden gazebo, pavilion, or other outdoor structure offers a private retreat in your own backyard. The design options are endless and allow you to enjoy some shelter from the elements without obstructing your view or connection with the rest of your outdoor living area. You will encourage the extension of your living space to the outdoors with hardscape materials that create custom shade, a pavilion, or even a water feature.

If you are considering adding a backyard structure to your home, Ohio Valley Group can consult with you about the process and make recommendations based on your wants, needs, and goals for the space. We will work within the parameters of your budget and timeline to design and build a beautiful retreat you will be sure to enjoy for years to come. Beyond enjoyment, it will add tremendous value to your home.

Contact The Ohio Valley Group to learn more about how adding a hardscape to your home’s exterior (440-543-0500).