Water Features

There is no one way to design or build a fountain or water feature. Each one is unique and built to fit the flow of the land and the vision of our client. For years, The Ohio Valley Group has approached each project with our client’s goals as our top priority. We work with our clients to create an artistic water feature or fountain that is creative, visually impressive and respectful of your budgetary requirements.

We take great pride in our attention to detail and consider every facet of surrounding architecture and structural considerations into all of our solutions.

Water Features

At The Ohio Valley Group, our landscape experts specialize in the creation of exceptional water features that are visually stunning to behold. We have constructed hundreds of water features that entail anything from roaring waterfalls to peaceful fountains. In short, your wish is our command.

We have created rolling waterfalls that extend over twenty feet with beautiful rocks and slabs directing the flow and shape of every drop of water, producing an effect that is wonderfully peaceful. Our team has also generated small water features that overflow into a miniature pond below. These features are typically built around or within patios and social places where everyone can enjoy relaxing sound of trickling water.

No project is too big or too small for the professionals at the Ohio Valley Group.

Pondless Waterfalls And Bubblers

Sometimes big, extravagant water features are just not practical for some homeowners and businesses. That’s why we offer the creation and installation of pondless water features. The explanation is in the name. These water features are safer, easier to maintain, and more affordable because the water does not flow into a pond or water reservoir. Bubblers are a hot new trend in pondless water features. They can be natural, rustic or modern.

The lack of a pond eliminates the safety hazard of someone potentially falling in and sustaining an injury, making this sort of water feature practical for homeowners who have small children. It also removes the waste of valuable time and money cleaning and maintaining the water within a pond, making things easier on you and your wallet.

Contact our water feature and fountain experts at The Ohio Valley Group and create your beautiful landscape today.