Irrigation System Design & Installations

Too little or too much water on your property can be a problem. Our irrigation and Water Management Division can help you manage your water needs – whatever they may be.

A lack of water can seriously affect your yard and landscaping. To get rid of unattractive yellow grass and dying plants, consider The Ohio Valley Group’s irrigation and sprinkler services.

Irrigation and water management services:

  • Complete irrigation system design and installation
  • Spring system start-up
  • Fall system shut-down
  • Complete service and repair

Your grass will be green and your plants will be strong and healthy after installing one of our irrigation systems. And don’t worry about maintenance and repair; we will take care of it all.

The services listed above will significantly improve the overall look and well-being of your landscape. So don’t wait – call us today! Contact our irrigation and drainage experts today and keep your landscape stunning and healthy.