It is important to find just the right balance of light for a property. Increase the beauty, safety and security of your home, building or landscape with the artistic placement of landscape and architecture lighting fixtures. Our landscape lighting division is fully equipped to handle all of your lighting needs.

The Ohio Valley Group specializes in security and landscape lighting for homes and businesses. Add an entirely new dimension to your landscape with our custom landscape lighting design and installation.

After being recognized by Kichler Lighting as a 2011, 2012 and 2013 Premier Elite Light Pro, we hope you’ll feel confident in The Ohio Valley Group’s ability to design and install the lighting for your landscape.

Landscape Lighting

Low-voltage lighting and the newest LED lighting options are great for drawing attention to important elements of your property as well as illuminating areas where sight is necessary.

Spotlight fixtures are typically used to draw a person’s gazed toward a significant or beautiful part of your property: plants, trees, statues, water features, etc.

Low-voltage lights are installed to help vision during the late hours of the day. They are usually placed near or along walkways, stairs, patios, and other areas where eyesight is necessary.

The Ohio Valley Group is skilled in installing these various forms of lighting and much more.

Security Lighting

Security lighting is essential for any place of business looking to ensure the safety and security of themselves, their employees, and their property. These security fixtures are normally installed in parking lots, above doors, and by important or expensive equipment.

Whether you wish to increase the beauty of your home or the security of your business, The Ohio Valley Group can do it all. Just give us a call!