Pruning is important for a variety of reasons.  Pruning can help control the size of a shrub, direct growth, influence flowering or fruiting, rejuvenate old, overgrown plants, or maintain plant health and appearance.  Pruning also encourages growth below the pruning cut.


Ohio Valley Group’s shrub and hedging pruning involves removing deadwood and broken branches and thinning and shaping the shrubs. We use proper horticultural pruning techniques to ensure correct growth patterns. Shearing techniques are used only when appropriate. The first round of pruning is performed in early summer after the flush of spring growth has occurred; a second round occurs in late summer or early fall. Two rounds of pruning are recommended for optimum plant health.


Dormant pruning is performed during the winter or early spring. This process removes older canes and reduces and renovates mature shrubs, ensuring proper growth, improved air circulation for disease control, promoting better bloom and proper plant size and shape.