Lightning Protection

The Ohio Valley Group is not only dedicated to improving the beauty of your home through our landscape maintenance and hardscaping services, but is committed to ensuring the preservation of your home’s splendor by offering to install lightning protection systems.

Every year in the United States, more than one million trees are struck by lightning. Because tree sap is a poor conductor, trees that are struck by lightning will often receive major bark damage that looks like a vertical scar. Trees that have sustained severe lightning damage can be instantly killed or weakened beyond the point of recovery. Trees that cannot recover from this injury are very susceptible to disease and decay.

Trees within close proximity of your home pose two great threats in the event of a lightning strike: (1) When lightning strikes a tree within ten feet of your house, side-flashes or “jumps” can occur to more conductive materials on your house. Side-flashes can severely damage your home and pose the threat of electrocution to individuals inside the home. (2) Trees that are dead or dying due to lightning strikes, pose a great threat to your safety and the structure of your home. If left unaddressed, these decaying trees may fall upon your home during heavy winds or future storms. If you have dead trees that threaten the safety of you and your home, consider employing our tree removal service.

To minimize these threats, the Ohio Valley Group can install lighting protection systems that utilize copper conductors connected to a ground rod to prevent tree damage and side-flashes from occurring. Call or contact the Ohio Valley Group to have your lightning protection systems installed today!