2016 Landscape Trends

2016 Landscape Trends


With a new year comes new trends, and landscape is no exception. Check out our list of the biggest landscape trends for 2016.

Landscape for Health: Scientific studies have consistently proven that trees, flowers, plants, birds and nature overall, increase health and wellness for self, society and the planet. Plants are clean air filters, oxygen machines and wellness prescriptions. Trees absorb 1/5 of carbon emissions, reduce electricity consumption and increase mental health.

Pops of Color: This year, trending color palettes- ranging from vintage and muted rustic to teal and pink- show off personality in plants, flowers and outdoor products. Pops of exploding color like pink and teal give a fun, fresh and vibrant feel. Pink and teal [or turquoise] complement each other wonderfully. Conversely, rustic and natural color palettes create a vintage, homey feel. Light pastels and faded denim evoke feelings of comfort and give a re-imagined contemporary look.

Outside Entertainment: In 2016, the party is moving outside! “Garden-tainment” is the new buzzword for 2016. Think outdoor televisions and music systems; outdoor lighting to keep the party going outdoor living, cooking and entertainment areas.

Compact and Low-Maintenance Plants: No-fuss cacti and succulents are ideal for consumers who seek attractive, low-maintenance plants. Tiny and easy to grow succulents in bold containers are ideal.

Bed-Head Gardens: Purposefully un-styled outdoor spaces intentionally designed by working within the natural landscape creates an effortless but beautiful landscape with an “anything goes” attitude. Create “bed-head” meadows and natural habitats by using native plants to increase diversity, balance and ecosystems. Native plants require less water and fertilizer because they are well adapted to the local climate.

Create an “Agri-Hood”: Edibles incorporated into the landscape provide not only beauty but health, farm-to-table food. Take this trend to the next level with custom chicken-coops and bee-keepers.

LED’s Rule the Landscape: Enhancing outdoor spaces with lighting is increasingly popular and the use of color-changing lighting is becoming more common place. LED products offer better architectural integrations and concealment, offer less maintenance due to their longer rated life.