Love Your Lawn Care this Fall 8/30/2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 11.58.07 AMIt is important to show your lawn some love in the fall. This will significantly impact how it performs during the spring and summer of next year. Falling in love with your lawn care is a great way of ensuring that you do not neglect your yard as the leaves fall and the temperature gets cooler. Below are some lawn care tips that can be used to prepare for a beautiful yard next year:

Water. Incorporating constant irrigation into your lawn care routine this fall is essential. During the cooler months, ensure your lawn gets a minimum of one inch of water each week. Even if the lawn has gone dormant, this is vital because if it gets too dry, it could become damaged. When applied early in the mornings, deep and infrequent watering treatments will supply the best results.

Fertilize. The winter season can be an extremely stressful period for your lawn. Ensure that it is fed a wholesome helping of nutrients in the fall. This will help it to become more resistant to damaging frosts and frigid temperatures. Applying a slow-release mixture will assist in strengthening the root system of your lawn, making it more resilient to the brutality of the winter weather.

Aerate. A core aeration treatment before winter will literally provide your lawn with a breather. Aeration removes soil cores and punches holes in the turf. This decreases soil compaction and allows the lawn to breathe more freely. More importantly, it enables the root system to gain more access to moisture, oxygen and vital nutrients. This helps the lawn to become greener, lusher, denser and more resistant to weeds.

These tips are great to incorporate into your lawn care routine this fall. Showing your landscape love during this period will guarantee great results when spring rolls back around.

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Summer 2016 Landscaping Trends 8/5/2016

Waterfall&PergolaThe outdoor design and landscaping trends for summer 2016 are truly a reflection of the lifestyle trends happening all around. Below are some 2016 summer landscaping trends:

Sustainable Design. Less turf grass, drought-tolerant plants and low-maintenance gardens are now the norm in landscape design. It is now customary for many homeowners to incorporate a sustainable design into their landscaping plan. This is done for both environmental and economic reasons.

Incorporating Edibles. Blended gardens that integrate ornamentals and edibles do double duty. They provide a remarkable alternative to turf grass. They also supply homeowners with a bountiful harvest of fruit, herbs and vegetables.

A Touch of the Indoors. There are now waterproof and fade-resistant outdoor fabrics made from acrylic fibers that can transform outdoor furniture into masterpieces. Homeowners now have the option of creating permanent outdoor living spaces with comfortable fabrics and furniture pieces.

Featured Water. The sound of water on the property can soothe the hassles of life away. Fortunately, there are water features ranging from high-end water walls to inexpensive self-contained systems that will keep you on trend.

Let There Be Light. Today’s landscape lighting systems have the capacity of expanding the outdoor space, while lowering utility bills. One of the hot trends this summer is having lighting systems that can be controlled from a cell phone app. As such, your lights can be on exactly when you need them to be.

Fire It Up. Fire pits, fire pots and fire tables are all designed to create great places for each member of the family to safely enjoy. There are simple, functional and affordable designs for homeowners with smaller budgets. There are also elaborate statement pieces that can remarkably transform the vibe of your personal hideaway.

These 2016 summer trends are sure to improve the look of your outdoor space and add value to your property.

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Summer Tips For Your Outdoor Home 7/19/2016

11133987_1076471915715214_7666254604008273390_oSummer is the season for outdoor lovers. During this time of year, it is important to have a space that welcomes guests and provides a personal retreat. By performing some landscaping or construction in the backyard, this space can be a wonderful oasis or entertaining venue. Here are some summer tips that will extend your living space into the outdoors.

Color is Everything. Summer is a time for vibrant colors. It is important to decorate your home with bright hues. The landscapers at The Ohio Valley Group recommend plants and accessories that bring a beautiful “beachy” or tropical setting to your backyard. With the correct foliage and landscaping theme, your home’s exterior will exude the feelings of summer.

Pergola. To add a sense of privacy to your backyard, a pergola will be ideal. Patio lovers will enjoy a unique retreat that provides shade without a disconnect from the rest of the space. It is possible to build a breezy gazebo or an enclosed pavilion that is perfect for summer entertaining.

Cook Outdoors. When it is too hot to heat your home’s interior oven, you can entertain and prepare a delicious meal in your outdoor kitchen. With your grill and stone oven, prepare pizza, steaks, burgers, and kabobs for your guests. When the evening gets cool, light your fire pit and toast marshmallows. These accessories offer a wonderful space to gather with your friends and family and enjoy the summer season.

Relax in Style. Nothing says summer like a pool. Kids can splash around, and adults can lounge with a drink in their hands. No matter the size of your yard, the experts at The Ohio Valley Group will design something that complements the space. For an island atmosphere, create a tiki bar as well.

If you want to discover more tips for your outdoor home, visit The Ohio Valley Group. These experts will help you make the most of your outdoor space. To schedule a consultation, call 440-543-0500.

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The Benefits of Backyard Renovations and Pools with Ohio Valley Group 6/28/2016

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 11.21.32 AMThe Ohio Valley Group has over two decades of experience performing residential outdoor improvements for homeowners. As summer has started, it is time to get your backyard and pool ready. Here are the benefits of hiring our company for your backyard and pool renovations.

Increased Safety. When you are hosting evening parties or enjoying some time on your deck at night, you want your property to be adequately lit. Without the correct amount of illumination, it is possible to trip, fall, and become injured. Also, lighting is vital to security. We make sure to provide lights that keeps strangers from lurking around your home without being noticed. Clients gain peace of mind knowing we have been recognized by Kichler Lighting as a Premier Lighting Pro, so everyone is in good hands.

Beautiful Aesthetics. At Ohio Valley Group, we are dedicated to heightening the aesthetics of all clients’ backyards. We specialize in ecoscapes and patio designs. Our landscaping designs are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Our features conserve natural resources while adding beauty and function to your yard.

We offer numerous alternatives to pavers and blacktop. Our stamped concrete resembles brick, cobblestone, and other natural items. While it appears unique and expensive, it is quite easy on your wallet. For a one-of-a-kind addition to your home, we can install a stunning water feature. We work with each client to create something that impresses the eyes and brings a sense of peace to a residence.

Heightens Efficiency. When a home is energy efficient, utility bills will be lowered. At Ohio valley Group, we want to help you save money each month. Pools and spas offer relaxation and fun, but they can use a great deal of water and energy. Our construction specialists create paradise-like environments that include water and energy efficient technologies that lower your monthly expenses.

More Fun with Family and Friends. Summer is the perfect time for outdoor entertaining. Nothing is better than preparing a delicious meal on the grill to share with family and friends. We consult with clients to design the ideal exterior bars, kitchens, and fire pits. We offer top opulence with elegant stainless cabinets, granite countertops, wine refrigerators, and pizza ovens. These features make it possible to eat, drink, and converse while enjoying nature’s bounty.

When you want to reap the benefits of backyard and pool renovations, consult with the experts at Ohio Valley Group. To schedule a consultation, call 440-543-0500. We will help transform your home into a hidden oasis.

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How To: Create The Ultimate Backyard For Your Family & Friends 5/3/2016

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 4.13.56 PMThe outdoors provide an ideal setting to expand the living space. It also provides homeowners with an amazing space in which they can entertain family and friends. Below are some guidelines that can be used to create the ultimate backyard for your loved ones:

Ideal Lighting. A properly-lit backyard will make the space usable at all hours of the day. There are lighting solutions that can be installed to create different moods. Additionally, lights can be specifically placed in the yard to provide function and highlight special elements of the landscaping design.

Effortless Indoor/Outdoor Access. Creating an effortless way to get into the backyard from inside the house will provide a feeling that the outdoors is a natural extension of the living space. For example, sliding glass doors can be installed to open onto patios that lead into the outdoor space. This ultimately makes the backyard easier to enjoy and it also encourages more frequent usage of the space.

Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Space. Any backyard can benefit from an outdoor kitchen and a place to eat. The ‘kitchen’ could be a simple barbecue area, a complete, elaborate outdoor kitchen with all the bells and whistles or anything in between. The amenities you choose will be only limited by your personal preferences and your budget. Having a designated area to eat with your loved ones is a great way to enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space.

Relaxation Spots. Designating a relaxation area in the backyard is a great way to pass time whether alone or with one or more loved ones. This area can be used to kick back and enjoy your favorite book, music or the surrounding beauty provided by nature. If the view from your backyard is particularly spectacular, relaxing and enjoying the sights is a great way to unwind from a hectic day. Placing your relaxation spot near a water feature could further enhance the outdoors of your home.

Landscaping and Creating Gardens. The inclusion of certain landscaping details like garden areas in the backyard is a great way to add color and texture to the yard. Garden beds can also be set up to grow vegetables that add to the overall ambiance of the space. The backyard can also be splendidly transformed with the addition of trees, shrubs and bushes.

Designing and creating the ultimate backyard will make it a welcoming space in which loved ones can gather and enjoy sharing each other’s company.

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Springtime Tips For Your Outdoor Patio 4/4/2016

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 4.11.27 PMAs the days lengthen and get warmer, homeowners begin turning their thoughts to their outdoor living spaces. Those areas can take a beating during winter, necessitating a springtime cleanup in order to get the space ready for summer entertaining. Now is the time to assess what needs to be done, while the weather is warm enough, but well before you’ll use your patio daily. By following these tips now, you’ll ensure that your patio will be bright and inviting for the coming season.

Trim Dead Branches and Sweep. Prune broken or dead branches from bushes and trees near your patio and sweep away leaves prior to washing the area to make the job easier.

Whisk Away Dirt and Grime. Winter winds can bring mud, leaves and other debris onto your patio. Chances are your furniture, if left outside, also is looking dingy. One of the first things that patio lovers should do is thoroughly clean the patio surface with a hose and broom. Mix dish washing soap with warm water in bucket and then spray furniture with a hose. Scrub chairs and sofa with a nylon scrub brush and then thoroughly rinse. Let the furniture dry off in the grass. You may need to wipe water that gets trapped in metal supports. Select a sunny day for your work to speed drying time. If the patio surface or furniture is particularly grimy, consider using a power washer.

Assess Lighting. If you have permanent outdoor lighting, check to see that all fixtures are working. Like greenery, some may not have survived the winter. Spring is a good time to replace old bulbs with more efficient LED fixtures or even replace them with solar Tiki torches that will add a bit of fun to your outdoor festivities. If you use overhead light strands, make sure that all bulbs are working.

Planters. Wooden planters fall apart after several years. Discard questionable ones and check for cracks in ceramic containers. Replace as appropriate.

Food and Beverage. Light your grill to ensure that it is working properly and clean the grates before the year’s first barbecue. Consider adding an outdoor beverage center than can double as storage to make entertaining more enjoyable.

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Tree Removal Safety Tips For Spring 3/14/2016

Tree Removal Safety Tips For SpringThe warmer weather of spring usually brings homeowners outside to perform exterior spring cleaning. Spring time is an excellent season to remove dead growth from perennials, bush and trees. The harsh months of winter, however, can necessitate complete tree removal of dying or diseased trees or when trees have become partially uprooted because of floods. Removing a tree is dangerous work, especially if the tree in question is large.

Power Equipment.

One of the most important safety tips to remember in tree removal is to exercise caution around the tools used to remove dead and dying trees, including chainsaws, wood chippers and even manual tools such as axes. Always exercise caution around these tools with their sharp edges.

Anyone removing trees should wear proper safety equipment, including a helmet and face shield or safety goggles to guard against falling or flying debris. Heavy gloves and protective clothing made of Kevlar that covers the extremities are also essential to help avoid or reduce injuries. Workers should even consider wearing ear protection to avoid damage to the inner ear that can occur after repeated exposure to chainsaws.


One of the biggest hazards to tree removal is climbing up on ladders, particularly for very large trees. Upper extremities must be lopped off first. Weak limbs at as bad support systems leading to falls. Always make sure that the limbs chosen can support the required weight.

Electrical Lines.

Another hazard involving tall trees are electrical lines. When removing high tree branches that are near electrical wires. Electrocution is a very real possibility when the proper steps are not taken. In addition, never let spectators into the immediate area as you never know what will happen.

Felling the Tree.

Another huge hazard occurs when the tree in question is finally brought done. Trees, especially those that are large, often do not fall the way that even seasoned professionals think will happen. Always be ware of where tree trunks may fall as they will not always fall where you think. Make sure that no one is in the immediate area so no mishaps will occur.

The best course of action is to let professionals do the job. Contact Ohio Valley Group for safe and efficient tree removal.

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2016 Landscape Trends 2/15/2016

2016 Landscape Trends

With a new year comes new trends, and landscape is no exception. Check out our list of the biggest landscape trends for 2016.

Landscape for Health: Scientific studies have consistently proven that trees, flowers, plants, birds and nature overall, increase health and wellness for self, society and the planet. Plants are clean air filters, oxygen machines and wellness prescriptions. Trees absorb 1/5 of carbon emissions, reduce electricity consumption and increase mental health.

Pops of Color: This year, trending color palettes- ranging from vintage and muted rustic to teal and pink- show off personality in plants, flowers and outdoor products. Pops of exploding color like pink and teal give a fun, fresh and vibrant feel. Pink and teal [or turquoise] complement each other wonderfully. Conversely, rustic and natural color palettes create a vintage, homey feel. Light pastels and faded denim evoke feelings of comfort and give a re-imagined contemporary look.

Outside Entertainment: In 2016, the party is moving outside! “Garden-tainment” is the new buzzword for 2016. Think outdoor televisions and music systems; outdoor lighting to keep the party going outdoor living, cooking and entertainment areas.

Compact and Low-Maintenance Plants: No-fuss cacti and succulents are ideal for consumers who seek attractive, low-maintenance plants. Tiny and easy to grow succulents in bold containers are ideal.

Bed-Head Gardens: Purposefully un-styled outdoor spaces intentionally designed by working within the natural landscape creates an effortless but beautiful landscape with an “anything goes” attitude. Create “bed-head” meadows and natural habitats by using native plants to increase diversity, balance and ecosystems. Native plants require less water and fertilizer because they are well adapted to the local climate.

Create an “Agri-Hood”: Edibles incorporated into the landscape provide not only beauty but health, farm-to-table food. Take this trend to the next level with custom chicken-coops and bee-keepers.

LED’s Rule the Landscape: Enhancing outdoor spaces with lighting is increasingly popular and the use of color-changing lighting is becoming more common place. LED products offer better architectural integrations and concealment, offer less maintenance due to their longer rated life.

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Outdoor Living Tips In 2016 1/10/2016

Outdoor Living Tips In 2016

When you decide to add, increase or refurbish your outdoor living space, as many homeowners do in a new year, the first consideration is not just how well the area will look, but how it will function. As with any important project, you will want to start with a plan. Write down everything you would like to enjoy yourself and make available to friends and family. Walk around the property and try to envision the way it should look and feel once it is completed. Do not worry at this point if it can be done, because your plans and ideas will change as you get more involved. The following outdoor living tips will help you with your decisions.
Consider Landscaping:

Proper landscaping would be the first part of the project. Deciding on the number and placement of walkways, as well as seating areas will depend on the space you have available.

Selecting plants and flowers that are compatible wth the general area is another important element. The placement of trees or shrubs make a difference in allowing shade or sun at certain times of the day in the sitting areas.

Stone and Brick:

The walkways do not have to be elaborate inlaid brick or special stone, but should be well thought out to reduce maintenance, as well as fit into your budget. Placing inexpensive material on walking areas will avoid the need for mowing or trimming grass.

Flowers are a great way to make an outdoor area come alive with color and gives a very inviting and welcoming feel to the property.

Check fences, sheds and other outbuildings for repairs or paint, as a fresh coat of paint makes quite a difference in appearance.

If you have a porch, you will want to continue your outdoor plans by choosing quality outdoor furniture and plants that make a delightful area and extend your outdoor living in the new year. Make it as compatible as possible with your indoor space and the general look and feel of your home.

Professional Help:

Once you have an idea of what you would like to accomplish, contact a professional landscaping company for advice. Their experts have the ability to bring your dreams to life

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How To: Use Your Outdoor Space For Holiday Entertaining 12/22/2015

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 11.19.24 AMAre you planning on organizing parties and gatherings for your friends, relatives, and office colleagues in this holiday season? Read ahead for some interesting tips that will help you incorporate your home’s outdoor space in your party plans.

Create a Landscaped Outdoor Space: Landscaping can transform an ordinary backyard into a cool and classy extension of your stylishly-designed home. A well-maintained landscaped garden will provide that much-needed natural look and feel to your modern home.

Moving your divan outdoors or placing a few chairs around a small bonfire will create a warm and roomy ambience. Add a few trees or simply install a natural pergola or pavilion to give your guests a glimpse of the joys of outdoor living.

Transform the Mood with Stylish Outdoor Décor: A cartoon-themed décor with colored ribbons, balloons, and other accessories will be a great way to organize your child’s birthday party during the holidays. Planning on inviting your colleagues? Muted lighting and wooden furniture will create a classy and sophisticated feel where your guests can relax and have a great time. For your traditional holiday season party for the entire family, you can simply spread a few rugs and throw in numerous soft pillows and cushions that relaxed and homely feel under the clear skies.

Unleash your Imagination: Holidays present the perfect opportunity for you to let your imagination run riot. If you want to give your guests something really interesting to talk about, then you can opt for pond-less waterfall or a rustic bubbler in your patio. The mesmerizing sight of a waterfall coming out of thin air will definitely pique the curiosity of your guests and liven up your party.

Cater to the Senses: Transform a small backyard into an aromatic garden by combining flowers and herbs with scented candles sprinkled throughout the outdoor space. Catering to the senses will distract attention from the fact that you don’t have a lot of outdoor living space. The lights and scents will help you incorporate the outdoor space into your party even if you don’t plan on seating your guests outdoors.

From creating ecospaces with the help of professional landscaping firms to decorating the outdoors on your own—explore all available options to create a memorable experience for your guests during the holidays.

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