How Can Hydroseeding Improve The Health Of My Lawn?

How Can Hydroseeding Improve The Health Of My Lawn?

It’s natural to want your lawn looking as good as possible, but sometimes parts of your grass die off, become scorched, dug up, or just start looking shabby. Maybe you are planting a whole new section of grass, and want it looking as good as the rest as soon as possible.

HydroseedingThe good news is that there are several techniques available to encourage the rapid growth of grass. The landscape experts and maintenance pros at Ohio Valley Group can help you get your yard back in tip-top shape in no time at all.

One technique you’ll likely hear about is hydroseeding, which is one of the most frequently recommended ways to grow or rejuvenate existing grass in a hurry.

What Is Hydroseeding?

Put most simply, hydroseeding is a technique that involves spraying your grass with a mixture of seeds, water, cellulose fiber, fertilizer, mulch, and other nutrients and treatment agents. In a growing trend, many property owners are choosing hydroseeding over sod installation or even hand seeding because of the added revitalizing properties of hydroseeding.

When you apply hydroseeding you improve your lawn’s health, create a fuller, more lush lawn, and control soil erosion.

How Does Hydroseeding Improve The Health of My Lawn?

As the hydroseeding mixture goes through its cycle of natural decomposition, it allows a range of healthy nutrients to soak deep into your soil, promoting seed growth. A thick mixture, hydroseed creates the perfect natural weed barrier.

Since hydroseeding promotes a lusher, thicker, more even lawn, there is no space for weeds to take root. In the end, fewer weeds will give you a healthier lawn that is more able to fight off lawn diseases, pests, and future weed growth.

By adding nutrients to the soil, hydroseeding encourages stronger and deeper root establishment, which in turn leads to a dark, lush, deep blue-green look that will be the envy of the neighborhood. Since the seed mixture is sprayed on top of your existing soil, there is no need to transplant seeds, reducing the shock that often leads to dead, brown spots.

How Does Hydroseeding Create a Fuller, Thicker Lawn?

When you apply hydroseeding, you are guaranteed to have a fuller, thicker, and more uniform lawn. The interlocking fibers that are contained in the hydroseed mixture promote the perfect growing environment for your seeds. Since hydroseed is applied as a spray that contains interlocking fibers, you won’t be left with any visible seams, as you may be with sod.

As sod grows, you can generally see where the different patches joined, forming seams through your lawn. Hydroseed, however, creates an even cover and established a barrier that keeps the seeds stable by retaining fertilizer, healthy growth-enhancing nutrients, and moisture.

The coating on the seeds ensures that all parts of your lawn have an even cover, with no bare patches or areas when your grass grows to maturity.

What Are Some Other Benefits of Hydroseeding?

Those aren’t the only benefits of hydroseeding. You can achieve many other improvements as well.

Water Retention
Another benefit of hydroseeding is its ability to retain significant times its weight in water, making it one of the best methods for healthy and fast seed germination. By providing a constant and ample supply of water, the happy seeds grow faster.

A Firm Base
Also, the mulch and fibers that are included in the hydroseed mixture provide an anchor to keep the seeds in place and seal in the moisture. As the water is slowly released, it joins the other nutrients and feeds the root system.

Nutrition and strength
The added water helps the roots absorb nutrients, causing them to grow healthy and strong. In turn, strong roots provide a base that helps control soil erosion and improves soil quality. Since hydroseed can be sprayed on all types of surfaces, even uneven or sloped, it is often a tool used to prevent the unwanted erosion of hillsides.

In many cases, workers will spray hydroseed to coat slopes along highways and roads to prevent minor landslides and to encourage roadside erosion control.

Extra Protection
Finally, hydroseed is highly effective at protecting seeds while they germinate. With the high levels of water retention and nutrients, hydroseeding provides everything a growing seed needs to thrive.

The mulch in the spray helps shelter your seeds from wind, sunlight, and other dangers and creates a barrier between the outside world and your seeds. This barrier protects your seeds as they sprout, grow, and mature, giving them the best possible chance for survival against the elements.

How Can I Revitalize My Lawn With Hydroseeding?

The pros at Ohio Valley Group are the region’s experts when it comes to hydroseeding. We’ll come out and give you a free estimate on how quickly, easily, and cost-effectively you can get your yard looking great again.

There’s no need to live with those barren, brown patches, or areas of dirt. We can help you have a lush, green lawn in time for the spring and into summer. Give us a call today to see how we can help.