Considerations for a backyard pool

Considerations for a backyard pool

Imagine looking out at your backyard and seeing a beautiful private pool just waiting for you to enjoy on a hot sunny day! Whether built for exercise, for the kids to play, or for the cornerstone of creating your own private oasis, having a backyard pool can increase the value of your home and give you a serene outdoor space that is perfect for summer enjoyment.

Whether you’re building a backyard pool for exercise, play, or family events, it’s important to think about construction concerns, design elements, and local regulations. Likewise important are the design and style choices you’ll want to make so that the pool is beautiful and well-suited for your needs.

There are some of the many things to consider before undertaking a backyard pool project. The expert designers at the Ohio Valley Group can guide you through the important things you need to think about when developing your backyard pool project. Learn more about how we can help make your dream backyard pool a reality.

What are the first things to think about when planning for a backyard pool?

Even before you get started, there are several very important things to consider. First, is it even possible to build a pool on your property? Our experts can help guide you through the local regulations that need to be considered, including zoning, setbacks, and easements. Most localities will not permit pools to be built on easements, and there are undoubtedly requirements regarding the amount of space there needs to be between the edge of your pool and your property lines. These facts are critical in designing where on your property you can construct a pool, and how big it can be.

Also important is the slope and nature of your property. If your yard is flat, no problem! You should be able to construct a pool without creating any additional structures. If you have a slope or grade, however, you may need to include retaining walls or other supports in order to properly construct your backyard pool. As odd as it sounds, there have been instances when a pool slides down a hill into a neighbor’s property, a very expensive proposition!

You’ll also need to understand the groundwater situation on your property. In most instances, you won’t be able to build a pool if your property is within 100 feet of a river, lake, or other large body of water.

The design experts at the Ohio Valley Group know the laws and regulations backward and forwards and can prevent potentially costly mistakes from ever being part of your backyard pool design.

What about fences and enclosures?

Another important consideration is what kinds of fences or enclosures you’ll need to build in conjunction with your pool. Not only are they required by local ordinance, but you’ll also want to have them in place to prevent accidents and to keep your space private and secure.

You’ll also want to think about a pool cover for keeping your investment protected during the seasons that it’s not in use.

What are some design features I should consider?

Once you know that you can build a backyard pool and that it’s the right choice for your property and overall landscape design, it’s time to start thinking about how it will function and look!

The most important thing to consider when designing your pool is the use you envision for it. Is the primary function for exercise or serenity? Are you looking for a pool that is perfect for kids, a pool that is perfect for family parties?

Answers to these questions and others will help our design experts create your perfect backyard pool. Depending on the use, it could drive the design on shallow versus deep ends, if there are learn-to-swim steps, a sitting ledge, slides, and diving boards.

Some of the pools we have designed even include pool seating and bars. Others have hot tubs or whirlpools as part of the whole pool area design. It’s also important to consider if a cabana or storage shed is needed as a place for guests to change, chemicals to be stored, and toys to be securely put away and out of sight.

How it looks is also a consideration. There are many different kinds of tiles and pavers for the pool surround and deck. Depending on your style choices, the bottom of the pool could even incorporate an artistic design.

When you speak with our design experts, they’ll help you focus on your vision for the pool and guide you in the right direction, helping you to create the perfect backyard oasis.

How do I get started building my backyard pool?

That’s the easy part! Contact the design experts at the Ohio Valley Group. We’ll work closely with you to design the perfect backyard pool, and then our construction specialists will get to work, creating the perfect backyard oasis for you in no time at all!