How to Take Your Yard to the Next Level

How to Take Your Yard to the Next Level

Often, your yard will be the first impression people will have of your home. As for your own personal comfort, a beautiful, professionally landscaped yard can go a long way. A professionally cultivated yard could lead to peace of mind, increase privacy, and more.

Further, a beautiful yard could add value to your home. Potential home buyers may be willing to pay more for a home witha professionally landscaped yard. So not only will you get to enjoy the personal benefits of a landscaped yard, you may enjoy financial benefits as well.

So how can you take your yard to the next level? Let’s take a look at some common questions our future customers often ask us.

How Do I Ensure That I will Like the Changes?

We never rush clients into projects. When it comes to landscaping, the planning phase is very important. First, we’ll work closely with you during the design process, ensuring that your tastes and preferences are front and center.

If you visit our visual planning page, you’ll find an extensive form that we use to hone in on your needs, budget, use cases, and more. However, the visual planning form is just the start of the planning phase.

We also have a huge portfolio of already completed projects. We’re proud of our work and would love to show you what we’ve already done. You may be inspired by some of our past projects.

How Can We Make Our Yard More Family Friendly?

For children, yards are often worlds of make-believe and adventure. With the right yard, you probably won’t have to pester your children to spend time outdoors, either. Instead, you might struggle to get them to come inside.

We can install playground equipment, jungle gyms, swings, and the like. We can also make your yard safer, say removing thorn bushes or eliminated standing water. There are many ways to landscape your yard into a more family-friendly environment.

Is It Possible to Increase Privacy?

Absolutely. Many of our clients contact us for precisely this reason. Even if you love your neighbors, a bit of extra privacy could put you at ease and allow you to more fully live your life. If increasing privacy is one of your goals, just let us know.

One way to increase privacy is to plant shrubs and trees in strategic locations. It’s vital to put the plants in exactly the right spot and to ensure that the plants in question will grow into an effective barrier. Privacy is one of the many areas where professional insights can make all the difference.

Can Landscaping Be Used to Reduce Standing Water?

Standing water can create a number of problems. If water isn’t being drained quickly enough, your yard could flood. This could cause damage to your property and create hazards. Even if your yard doesn’t flood, standing water will allow mosquitoes and other pests to breed.

Fortunately, when we landscape your yard, we can improve irrigation and reduce or eliminate standing water. We can regrade surfaces, for example, or install subsurface drainage systems.

Can You Improve My Yard’s Seasonal Color?

Yes! One of our most popular services is seasonal color coordination. Different trees and plants react differently to changing seasons. Our landscaping professionals can work with you to coordinate the colors your yard will exhibit in both the spring and autumn. Color coordination can certainly help you take your yard to the next level.

My Yard is Small. Will Landscaping Make a Difference?

Often, smaller yards are the yards in most need of professional landscaping. Every square inch has to be put to good use. Fortunately,  there are a lot of great ways to improve small yards.

For example, you could build a bench around the trunk of a large tree, giving you a place to sit. Or you can use shrubs to add privacy even if your neighbors are just a few feet away.

My Plants Are Dying. Can Anything Be Done?

Various conditions could be causing your plants to die off. Fortunately, we can work with you to identify the underlying cause. We can then help you mitigate the problem. Often, plants are dying due to a lack of proper water or sunlight. We can help you understand how much water or sunlight your foliage needs.  

Isn’t My Yard Good Enough As Is?

Maybe. If you have had your yard professionally landscaped then your yard might be good enough as is. However, even a well-landscaped yard can benefit from a trim and proper upkeep.

Further, there’s almost always room for improvement. If your yard has never been landscaped or hasn’t been worked on for a few years, the Ohio Valley Group may be able to greatly improve it. And even beautiful yards can be made more beautiful.

Will Landscaping Hurt the Environment?

If it’s done poorly, landscaping could hurt the environment. However, we can work with you to mitigate any risks. We have plenty of experience in creating ecologically friendly spaces. If you enjoy watching birds or want to reduce your impact on the environment, we can help you design wonderful eco-spaces.

So What’s the First Step For Improving My Yard?

Get in touch with the Ohio Valley Group! You can fill out our visual planner form, send us an email, or give us a call. We’d be happy to talk with you about how you can take your yard to the next level.