Start Your New Yard With Our Vision Planner

Start Your New Yard With Our Vision Planner

Most people look at the new year as a fresh start. It is a time to commit to bettering themselves and their lifestyles and to spearhead projects that they’ve been putting off. At Ohio Valley Group, we think that one of the best ways to kick off the new year is to start planning your projects for 2019. It is never too early to start making your dreams a reality. Here’s how you can start crafting your dream yard, beginning with our very own vision planner.

What is a vision planner?

First things first, what is a vision planner? A vision planner is a tool that we have on our website, you can find it at We created the vision planner to better understand your wants, needs, and goals for any project that we take on. We are passionate about making your goals a reality, and the vision planner tool helps us to better understand just how to do that.

How does the vision planner work?

The vision planner starts with the basics; your contact info and location so that we can get in touch with you and see where your project will be. Next, you will answer a series of questions. For instance, how do you typically entertain, and how many people does this usually include? What hobbies do you and your family enjoy? Are there special circumstances about your property that we should be aware of?

All of these questions help us to not only understand the technical aspect of your renovation project but also what the feel and atmosphere of your space should be. The more we know about your family’s likes and dislikes, as well as any parameters that your project may have, the better off we will be to help make your design plan. We will also ask you specific questions such as your time frame for your project, any features that you are interested in adding, and specific colors or materials that you want to include or avoid. The more specific you can be with your answers, the better we will be able to exactly match your vision.

What is included in the vision planner?

What does the vision planner cover, you ask? Well, in a word, everything. The vision planner runs through every aspect of your yard and possible remodel. It asks about general design preferences, what foliage you want to incorporate, lighting and irrigation requirements, and more. We will also discuss your budget and the inspiration behind your remodeling project. The more thorough your answers are, the better. However, if there is something you do not know or don’t feel comfortable sharing with us, feel free to leave it blank and we can explain it further or discuss it at a later time.

Why is the Vision Planner important?

As a company, we take each project that we work on very seriously. From start to finish, we work hand in hand with you to make sure that every detail is done to your liking. No two landscaping projects are the same, and the better we can get to know you and your expectations, the better we will be able to plan a project that you fall head over heels for. The vision planner opens the lines of communication and helps us to see the project from your perspective.

What happens after I fill out the Vision Planner?

After you successfully complete the Vision Planner, we will look at your answers and carefully start brainstorming a plan that we think will work well for you. We will then reach out to you, and give you our initial thoughts. Together, we will work collaboratively to decide what the final product should look like, and to kick off the project. We will establish a comprehensive budget and timeline for the project so that there are no surprises.

If you are looking to create the space of your dreams in 2019, the Vision Planner is a great place to start. To learn more or fill one out, visit us online. The sooner we understand your vision, the sooner the experts at Ohio Valley Group can start working to make it a reality. What are you waiting for? Fill out your vision planner today!