What are Home Irrigation Systems?

What are Home Irrigation Systems?

Irrigation systems are artificial methods of watering plants. Changes in weather conditions globally have led to severe water shortages that have forced farmers to regulate or control the amount of water given to their crops. Controlled water consumption ensures that the plants get the required nourishment leading to a healthy and speedy growth despite water shortages. It also prevents waste because watering only happens when it is necessary. There are many different types of irrigation systems such as drip, sprinkler, manual, center pivot and sub-irrigation.

The method you choose should depend on plant types and their water requirements. It may also depend on the personal preferences, budget, and desired results. Irrigation systems are not just for farmers but also for homeowners who would like to maintain the beauty and ambiance of their landscape. Odds are that in your yard you may have a variety of plants including flowers, trees, and shrubs. These will require regular watering and care, especially in the hot upcoming summer.

Before choosing the type of irrigation for your landscape, you should first talk to a professional landscaper. Note that every climate zone requires different accommodations. It is also important to factor in the type of soil in your yard. Some soil types keep and absorb water better than others. If your garden has a sandy soil, you may need to water more often while a clay soil will require moisture less frequently. It is also important to consider water availability in your area.

What is the importance of irrigation systems?

Irrigation ensures plants get enough water when natural resources are scarce and allows plants to thrive despite lack of rainfall. Here are a couple reasons to consider adopting an irrigation system for your yard.

Irrigation Improves Productivity

Because of their consistency in water, crops growing in irrigated lands tend to thrive better and produce more than those that rely on rainfall alone. It’s possible to enjoy a green and beautiful landscape all year round and not worry about changes in plant health caused by water shortages.  

Relying on rainfall is unpredictable-you can never be sure how often your plants will get the hydration they need. Subsequently, if it rains too often your plants can suffer as well.

Some soil types cannot handle too much water but require low quantities at regular intervals. Controlled water supply ensures you take care of the soil and plant needs leading to predictable and positive. Without adequate rainfall, seeds may not germinate on time. Irrigation can eliminate these uncertainties and give your plants the precise sustenance that they require.

Irrigation is also more efficient for your water bill. Hosing down your garden can easily lead to overwatering, which neither benefits your plants or your wallet. The precision of irrigation will help you to ensure that water is not wasted.

It Promotes Variety and Conserves Soil Minerals

You can plant both perennial and seasonal crops together with irrigation systems. The system can be tailored to fit each different plants needs, making life possible for all types of foliage. Having a variety of plants in your garden can give it a more lively and overall appealing look. Irrigation gives you more freedom to custom-design the yard of your dreams.  

Without the water supply, plant roots cannot absorb minerals in the soil. However, with too much water added to the environment, nutrients leak out and can no longer sustain the plants. Overwatering can also lead to diseases, mold, and plant rot in your garden. Irrigation is the perfect way to ensure that your plant’s needs are getting met without the risks that come with overwatering. By measuring the ideal water levels for each plant, you’re ensuring a healthy and nutrient-filled environment for them to grow and thrive.

A Healthier Environment

Because of the nature of irrigation-giving each plant their needed water supply directly to their roots instead of mass sprinkling the entire area, it will be harder for weeds to germinate and grow in the area. This will promote the overall health of all your plants and save you hours in the dirt uprooting the pesky things.

Other than beautifying the lawn, irrigation can help you grow your own produce. Foods grown with irrigation tend to be overall healthier and bigger because their exact needs are being met. Growing food at home eliminates toxins and pesticides that are often added by farmers with mass crops. Growing fruits and veggies at home with your irrigation system can be a fun and healthy way to save money and the product will be nothing less than delicious.

Irrigation puts you in control

Irrigation is the perfect fix for your busy schedule. Your automatic irrigation system enables you to water the plants as you wish, ensuring your garden gets the love and care it needs even when you’re out and about. Irrigation timers allow you to pre-schedule your plants watering sessions, making it possible to accommodate to all of their needs without impeding on your day-to-day. If you want to have a healthy garden all year around, irrigation could be the option for you.

The benefits of irrigation systems are numerous and could help transform your yard into the garden of your dreams. If you are interested in an irrigation system or want to learn more, contact the Ohio Valley Group. Together, we can create the perfect yard that’s just right for you!