All About Our Vision Planner

All About Our Vision Planner

Thinking about transforming your yard? Have your eye on a cool new feature? Want a fresh start for summer? Don’t put it off for one more day. Ohio Valley Group is ready to make your lushest dreams come true. Spearhead your next landscape design project right away by filling out our Vision Planner, an online tool on our website that helps us to help you achieve your goals and turn those daydreams into a stunning final product.

Every beautiful landscape design project starts with a vision, but transforming that vision into a reality is typically a lot easier said than done. The heart of Ohio Valley Group’s passion is helping our clients make their landscaping dreams come true. That’s why we created the Vision Planner. The Vision Planner is an online questionnaire that’s easy to access and asks a variety of straightforward questions about your location, lifestyle, preferences, past projects, time constraints and more. Your answers will tell us about your needs, what you like, and perhaps more importantly what you don’t. The Vision Planner opens our lines of communication and helps us see the project from your perspective. Filling out the Vision Planner is the first step in creating the yard you’ve always wanted.

Being able to clearly articulate your vision is a critical step in attaining your desired end result, but there are a number of other necessary steps to be completed along the way. We pride ourselves on a thorough design process that enables us to learn about you and your property and to discover your unique needs and wishes. The best way for us to do that is by working collaboratively with you from start to finish. Consider our Vision Planner the starting line, providing us with the key details we need to kickstart your landscape design project.

The Vision Planner will ask questions ranging from your ideal timeframe to the hobbies your family enjoys so that we can really understand exactly what you’re looking for. The questions will tell us more about your general design preferences, what foliage you want to incorporate, the lighting and irrigation requirements you have and more. Your answers will inform us not only about your technical needs but also about the atmosphere you’re hoping to attain. You’ll start with the basics: where you live and how to contact you so we can get in touch when it’s time to get started. Moving on, you’ll find that Vision Planner is broken down into the following categories:

  •    Design
  •    Construction/Installation
  •    Planting
  •    Irrigation & Lighting
  •    Budget & Next Steps

Some questions the Vision Planner will ask include:

  •    How would you describe your style?
  •    What features are you interested in?
  •    What special events do you have coming up?
  •    Can you describe how you typically entertain and for how many people?
  •    Are there any specific materials and colors you’re interested in? Any to avoid?
  •    Do you enjoy gardening as a hobby or prefer lower maintenance?

The more specific you can be with your answers, the better we will be able to exactly match your vision. Having these answers will help us get to know you and your vision on a deeper level so we can work as a team to deliver the property you’ve been dreaming of.

After you successfully complete the Vision Planner, we will look at your answers and start mapping out a strategy that will get you where you’d like to be. Then we’ll get in touch with you to share our initial plan and next steps. We’ll work as a team to decide how the final product should look, what budget is realistic, and the projected timeline. If you’re ready to be surrounded by the outdoor design of your dreams, start right here. The sooner we understand your landscape destination, the sooner we can get you there.

Visit the Vision Planner to get started. Need some inspiration? Check out our recent projects.