Get Away Without Taking Off

Get Away Without Taking Off

Designing a Summertime Backyard

Summertime is busy—between camps, sports practice, birthday parties, and work, it’s hard to find the time and money to get away. But we’re here to tell you that finding summertime rest and relaxation doesn’t have to mean planning an extravagant trip with planes, trains, and automobiles. There’s a private oasis right in your backyard that Ohio Valley Group will help you discover. Learn about how we can help develop a summertime backyard.

The first step toward attaining your almost-tropical summertime backyard is sitting down with our experts at Ohio Valley Group and telling us about your dream backyard in great detail to make sure we don’t miss a beat. You can also fill out our convenient Vision Planner, which asks questions that help us get to know you and your inspiration on a deeper level. Once we understand your vision, we’ll work with our construction team to deliver a seamless transformation from start to finish.

Whether you want a water feature to bring the ocean closer, or a patio or deck to act as a perfect landing place for your grill, the possibilities are endless and we will make sure they’re affordable. Upon request, we will give you a full estimate before any work begins so we can be sure our plans are in sync. We’ll do whatever we can to give you the at-home retreat you’ve always wanted at a budget that works for you.

One of the best ways to define your space is by laying a stone patio or a stamped concrete surface. Stamped concrete is designed to resemble brick, slate, flagstone, cobblestone, and many other patterns, so we use it as an alternative to natural pavers such as asphalt, natural stone, and precast pavers. These surfaces create differentiation from your yard and other landscaping elements to add visual interest and a landing pad for grills, tables, lounge chairs, and more. No matter which surface you choose, a patio can designate dining, grilling, swimming, or lounging space while keeping the surrounding areas lush and green.

Stone patios are also the perfect home for a fireplace or fire pit. You can match the heat of the summer and the soft glow of the sunset by enhancing your patio with warmth from a beautiful fire. Adding a fireplace or fire pit creates an additional space for family and friends to gather after a meal, after a dip in the pool, for a sweet s’mores treat, a cool beverage, or just to enjoy the calming crackle of the fire after a busy day.

If you want to kick your patio up a notch, we can design an entire outdoor kitchen, complete with a full bar and every gadget you can think of. We know that no matter how many entertaining spaces you have in your home, people gather in the areas that have food. Bring that sense of community and hospitality outside with elegant stainless-steel cabinetry, a full-service bar, granite countertops, a refrigerator, a wine chiller, a pizza oven, and plenty of room for the ones you love.

To keep your kitchen and bar out of the elements, we can construct an enclosed pergola, pavilion, or other outdoor structure. Guided by your vision, we can create a classic pergola supported by columns with open sides, a gazebo with windows that keep the view wide open, a pavilion which can be open sided or enclosed with sliding glass doors, a pool house, and more. Not only do these structures add visual interest, but they also allow you to enjoy some shelter from the elements without obstructing your view or connection with the rest of your outdoor living area.

If you want the option to take a dip, we have hundreds of styles of pools and hot tubs at every price point so you are not restricted when creating your paradise. As an added bonus, we use water and energy-efficient technologies that help reduce water and electric bills when your pool/spa is in use, so your choice will be financially and environmentally sound long after installation.

If you’d like something smaller than a pool, we’ll find a perfectly sized water feature to bring you as close to the ocean as we can. Ponds are a peaceful way to add the glistening effect of water while acting as a home for fish and a resting place for birds and butterflies. If you don’t have enough room for a pool or pond but still want to enjoy the soothing sounds of water, we’ll identify pondless water features that are creative, visually impressive, and within your budget. Since 1989, we’ve constructed hundreds of water features, from rolling waterfalls that extend over twenty feet to a simple fountain. Pondless water features like fountains and bubblers are safer, easier to maintain, and more affordable because the water does not flow into a larger body.

For those who like to take a more active approach to relaxation, we can install unique and challenging putting greens, providing endless entertainment without the cost of an upscale club membership. Our team will use different grass levels and sand traps so you can practice chip shots, and smooth greens to practice putting so you’ll be ready next time you hit the links.

When it comes to creating the summertime backyard of your dreams, the opportunities are endless, and we want to make them your reality. To get started on your at-home getaway, fill out the Vision Planner, or contact us at 440-543-0500.