Landscaping CRM Software: One of the Tools We Use to Delight Customers

Landscaping CRM Software: One of the Tools We Use to Delight Customers

There are many elements that go into making a company great. This includes responsiveness, customer engagement, provision of accurate timelines, and other aspects of excellent customer service.

It’s often the inner workings of a business that determine how they respond and interact with their customers. In other words, if a company has good systems in place, it allows them to be better for their customers, and to get more done in an efficient way.

landscaping CRM software

But how do you know if they do?

We know that it’s not exactly easy to understand what’s going on behind the scenes at any given company. You want to feel confident that the landscape company you’ve chosen has systems in place. You also want to know that they are using these tools in order to keep you in the loop. But you’re not exactly sure how to know if they’re doing just that.

That’s why we’re peeling back the curtain and giving you a peek at the gears of our company. We’re giving you a look at some of the tools we have implemented to make us run better—and in turn to provide you with better customer service.

At The Ohio Valley Group, we’re always looking for ways that we can improve our operations in order to provide the best possible customer service. Here are a few ways we do just that.

Using Landscaping CRM Software for Better Customer Service

An essential tool in our toolbox is landscaping CRM software. We have implemented a comprehensive software system that helps us to run the business. This is a tool that you don’t see, but that makes a big difference in how our daily operations run. You may have heard of CRM software, or “customer relationship management” software, which covers a vast range of applications and is designed to help manage customer data, among other functions.

So, why exactly does any of that matter to you?

Well, landscaping CRM software helps us in many ways that directly impact you. Let’s look at a few of them.

Tracking Jobs

CRM for landscapers helps us stay on top of jobs, ensuring that everything remains on track and the job gets done on time. It also helps us ensure that we always have necessary materials in stock so that we never run out of a needed material in the midst of a job.

By keeping such a close tab on jobs, we are also able to answer any questions that our customers might have, in real time. If you call the office and inquire about something on your job, we can look up your information immediately and know exactly where things stand.

Future Service Suggestions

Landscaping CRM software also helps us to provide a comprehensive summary of the work you’ve had done and to suggest services that you may not have had done but might want in the future. We’re able to keep close track of our customers’ needs so that we can do a better job serving you. If you mention a service you might be interested in later, we can make a note of it and check back with you in the future. Your wants and needs are never forgotten as we are closely managing them in our database at all times. This is more efficient than the company that scratches a few notes down and forgets about them.

An Accurate Timeline

Landscaping CRM software also helps us to provide clients with an accurate timeline. That’s because we can tell you exactly how long it will be until we can get to your job. There’s nothing worse than being told “we’ll start in two weeks” when it’s really more like “two months.” But some companies truly do not have a good sense of their timeline because they aren’t using software to plan out and track their jobs. That’s something that we are completely on top of.

Continually Improving for You

Though you may not be able to see exactly what’s going on behind the scenes of a company, strong systems show through when customer service is at its best. That’s exactly what we aim for.

These examples are just a few ways that our company is using behind the scenes tools to better serve customers like you. As a company, we believe that it is our duty to continually find ways that we can improve our business to better meet your needs. Technology has been one such solution. CRM for landscapers has helped us to streamline our business and to become more responsive to customer needs. The more in touch we can be with our clients, the better we feel we can serve them.

At the end of the day, that’s really what we’re all about—top-notch customer service. We’ll continue to find ways we can offer it by improving existing systems and striving to be better.

The choice is yours. You could choose a company that doesn’t have good systems in place, and pay the price with a lack of customer service. Your project could grind to a halt because materials were not accurately accounted for. The company could also forget specific requests that you had about your landscape or future services that you might require since they aren’t keeping close tabs on their accounts.

You’ll likely find it’s simply not worth the risk. Choosing a company with a landscaping CRM software will benefit you with the excellent customer service that you receive.

Find out how we can over-deliver on our promises! Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve and maintain a beautiful property!