New Trends in Landscape Design in 2018

New Trends in Landscape Design in 2018

The landscape design trends for 2018 are all set to emphasize the notion of using gardens to provide homeowners with remarkable pleasure.  This includes growing foods, providing wildlife with a place of refuge, or creating a place to relax and share meals with family and friends. outdoor dining

The New Outdoor Dining

For quite a while, outdoor dining rooms have been conveniently positioned right off the house and close to the kitchen. However, more contemporary dining spaces are often pushed out further into the garden. Although the distance between the new dining space and the kitchen will be farther apart, it is well worth the extra steps.  

The convenience of designing an outdoor dining space right off the kitchen is undeniable.  However, creating a modern, all-inclusive destination inside the landscape will immerse individuals in the ambiance of their surroundings.  This provides a more lavish experience and guests will get to take in more of your beautiful garden.

Below are 3 tips for creating the ultimate destination for outdoor dining:

  • Use special lighting, flooring, and furniture to transform your dining area into a spectacular sanctuary
  • For a lush feeling, surround your outdoor dining space with container and in-ground plants
  • Include a nearby pool, fire pit or other spaces in the landscaping design for pre-dinner and post-dinner entertainment

Making the Most of Your Small Garden

Landscape design specialists love to create function and visual appeal even out of the smallest gardens.  By no means are small gardens a modern phenomenon but remarkable advances have been made in how these spaces are designed.  Recent design trends lend credence to the “less is more” concept.

It is important for everything in a small garden to have numerous uses.  For example, a concrete fire feature would create a bold element running through the space.  It can serve as curb edging for the deck.  Additionally, it can be a planter and collect downspouts of water from the house.  It can provide seating and, of course, it transforms into a fire feature when necessary.

Restoring the Natural Habitat

It is common knowledge in the landscaping industry that the population of bees and butterflies are dwindling.  However, not as many know that frogs, birds, and turtles are also experiencing lost habitats.  Much of the declining habitat has become sprawling suburbs and expanding cities.  These spaces were designed for aesthetics and convenience, without giving much thought to local wildlife.

There is every reason to create beautiful, convenient landscapes that satisfy the requirements of many wildlife creatures.  As such, many homeowners are redesigning their gardens and changing their plant selections to provide better support for local wildlife.  Below are some wonderful ways to create a home habitat:

  • Stop or restrict the use of insecticides
  • Grow both berry-bearing and seed-producing plants
  • Consider replacing your lawn or at least a portion of it

These are just some of the landscape design trends that can be used to add pleasure to your life this year. Contact us or use our Vision Planner to start your new year landscape design project today.