Low-Maintenance Options for a Backyard Garden

Low-Maintenance Options for a Backyard Garden

Stone path green grassWhile some of us find peace and comfort in doing the gardening and maintenance needed to keep our backyards looking great, most of us prefer to just simply go out and enjoy it. There are some simple things you can put in place that will keep maintenance of your backyard oasis as minimal as possible.


Making smart choices from the start will help make sure that your backyard isn’t a headache, but provides for an outdoor retreat that you can thoroughly enjoy.


What design is best for a low-maintenance backyard garden?


These are the primary questions you need to ask yourself before launching into any landscaping project: 

What are my goals?

How do I want to use the space?

What elements are needed for me to get maximum enjoyment out of my yard? 


There are many different options and many different ways to design a space that suits your needs. You’ll want to consider if you’d prefer flowering beds, stone patios, walkways, and so on. If your goal is to have a low-maintenance backyard garden, you’ll want to think about that in the planning stage so that it’s built into it from the start.


We’re always happy to help! Give us a call and we’ll help you design a backyard that suits whatever use you’d like to have. 


What are some things I can do to make my backyard low-maintenance?


There are several things you can think about adding to your backyard design to reduce the need for maintenance.


Planting evergreens


An easy way to make your yard look great during all seasons is to plant some evergreens. True to their name, evergreens keep their appearance even after other vegetation and plants lose their foliage. While evergreens may be a bit more expensive to plant at the start, the continued curb appeal, even during the bleak winter months, make them an attractive option. Plus, their self-sufficiency means you’ll make up that initial investment through reduced maintenance costs in no time.


Use river rock instead of mulch


Keeping your garden beds weed-free and ship-shape goes a long way towards making your yard look fantastic. While mulch is the traditional way to clean things up, towards the end of the season it starts to look dull and has the habit of spreading itself out into unwanted places.


Consider using river rock instead of mulch. It has a sleek appearance that can add a clean look to your landscaping. Like evergreens, there is an up-front investment, but imagine the savings you’ll realize by not putting fresh mulch down once or twice a year! One downside is that river rock works best in shady areas – if you have direct sun, it may make your beds too hot for some plants. Otherwise, think of the luxury of having a garden bed that requires almost no weeding or other maintenance.




One of the easiest ways to create a low-maintenance backyard is to install some hardscaping. Putting in an attractive stone patio, walls, a built-in firepit, or walkways not only helps you define your yard and minimize maintenance, it makes your yard more suitable for the use you envision. Imagine the parties you could have out there, or the quiet retreat you could create. 


Hardscaping is one of the specialties of The Ohio Valley Group. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you create the perfect space. By putting in the right infrastructure from the start, we can help you realize your vision and help you create the perfect backyard space.


Install an irrigation system


Let’s be honest – no one wants to stand outside with a hose during the hot summer months to keep their garden green and luscious. Or think of how many times you forgot to move the sprinkler and ended up with a soggy yard.


This can all be fixed by installing an irrigation system. Not only does this reduce watering and maintenance time, it will likely result in lower water bills since the system is designed to operate most efficiently. Most modern irrigation systems have controllers that allow for different zones and different seasons. For example, grass has a different watering need than a vegetable garden, so using the controllers built-in to an irrigation system saves you both time and money.


A low-maintenance backyard is possible; we’re here to help!


In the end, most people are looking for a backyard that is easy to maintain and fun to use. No matter if you like to throw parties or relax in your secluded retreat, the less time you have to spend on maintenance means more time for enjoyment.


There are some simple things you can do to minimize the amount of maintenance required, like choosing the right plants and foliage, creating defined space by using hardscaping, and many other options. We are here to help! Give us a call for a free consultation and learn how our services can help you create your perfect backyard space.