Enhance Your Backyard with an Outdoor Kitchen and Pergola

Enhance Your Backyard with an Outdoor Kitchen and Pergola

You’ve worked hard to create an outdoor space that is perfect for leisure and entertaining, why not take the extra step and make it really stand out with a pergola and outdoor kitchen! Everything you need to host the perfect backyard barbeque or family dinner, built-in and ready to go.

By putting in structures you not only add that extra wow factor to your backyard, but when designed and built professionally, it will pull your space together and give you the perfect backyard to entertain both family and friends.

Adding an outdoor kitchen with a pergola elevates your outdoor space, transforming your patio into a luxury outdoor living space. Plus, adding an outdoor kitchen expands your home’s entertaining space and is a great investment, increasing the value of your home and providing a great place for your family and friends to spend time outdoors throughout the summer and beyond.

What is a pergola?

Most simply put, a pergola is a built-in landscaping feature that provides a shaded space and focal point to your garden. Generally built out of sturdy wooden posts, pergolas usually consist of vertical posts that support an open lattice of cross-beams. Many people choose to allow vines and other flora to grow up the posts and across the lattice.

The word pergola comes from Latin originally, and most literally means “projecting eave,” meaning an extension of a building or other structure, or to provide protection to an open patio or area.

An outdoor kitchen can be built to include almost anything you’d like to have, including seating, a grill, refrigeration, and a prep station with a sink. You’ll spend a lot of time and effort building the perfect outdoor kitchen, so you’ll want to make sure it’s protected. One great way to do so is to incorporate a pergola into the design of the space.

What is a pergola used for?

The best use for a pergola is to provide a shaded area for a patio. While it could just be seating, many people choose to build a backyard kitchen as part of the pergola, creating an entertaining space that is perfect for barbeques or family dinners. Imagine firing up the grill on a sunny afternoon, the kids playing in the yard, or your friends sipping drinks on the pergola-covered patio.

A pergola is most often used to provide a shady area and to provide an anchor to a backyard design. 

How are pergolas built?

That’s where we come in! Our expert landscape designers can put together a plan that incorporates a structure and materials that best suit your needs. Pergola’s are generally built out of wood and vinyl depending on the desired function and location. Grill placement and stone used for the patio play a critical role – we’ll help you refine your vision and then put together a design that will make your backyard the perfect entertaining space.

What are the Pros and Cons of Having an Outdoor Kitchen with a Pergola?

Having an outdoor kitchen is the perfect way to bring people together in your backyard. An outdoor kitchen is a fantastic complement to your patio or deck, a place for your friends and family to gather and enjoy the outdoors while grilling up delicious food!

Incorporating an outdoor kitchen with your pergola solves one of the most common problems associated with it – protection from the weather. By designing and building both your pergola and outdoor kitchen correctly, you can make sure that the space can be enjoyed through many seasons and even in inclement weather.

While exposure to the weather is the primary con, there are many pros to provide balance! By building a pergola and outdoor kitchen in your backyard, you can create a beautiful, anchored space that provides a place to entertain your friends and spend time with your family – all over a freshly prepared meal. Proper design can also guarantee that the outdoor kitchen can be used almost year-round.

Together, an outdoor kitchen with a pergola creates an alfresco dining experience that makes you feel like you are in your own, very exclusive restaurant, dining in the open air, surrounded by an elegant pergola draped in lights.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is the easy part! Just give us a call. We’ll discuss with you your vision for the perfect backyard entertaining space. We’ll ask questions about how you intend to use the space, what kind of grilling or cooking you plan to do. We’ll discuss what kind of seating you’d like, maybe incorporating a bar on one side. Finally, our designers will evaluate your backyard and come up with the perfect design and location.


We work directly with you to help you achieve your vision for the backyard. The space is your private oasis, why not make it perfect?


Contacts us today, and we can get started building your dream backyard!