Personalize Your Summer Backyard Paradise

Personalize Your Summer Backyard Paradise

It’s officially summer! And there’s no better time to make the most of your outdoor space. Whether you’ve always dreamt of having a pool to jump in on the hottest days, if you’d love to have company over to dine in your outdoor kitchen, or if you just want a simple but beautiful refuge to relax, Ohio Valley Group can help you personalize your summer backyard for a season of fun and relaxation right outside your door.

Every landscape we design is constructed for the long-term and to the highest professional standards. Our designers work in tandem with our construction teams to reach a seamless execution of even the most difficult projects. You can add a calming hot tub next to a stone patio or deck, build a picturesque pathway leading to a tranquil garden with a trickling water feature, install a full bar with cutting-edge appliances, or simply refresh your plants and trees to add color and last from season to season. The opportunities are endless, but we’ll help you narrow them down to create your own piece of paradise in your summer backyard.

To give your yard a lush burst of color for summer, it’s best to start with the lawn itself. During the colder months, harsh weather can do some serious damage to your grass. So once the sun is shining and the temperatures are warm, it’s time to make sure your lawn is healthy and thriving with a lawn installation or renovation. When your lawn is well cared for, it lays the foundation for above-ground landscaping or below-ground installations. By installing or renovating your existing lawn, you’ll have a sense of pride in your property and your family and friends will want to spend their summer days enjoying.

Feeling removed from the noise of the street and surrounding houses will put you at ease so you can fully unwind. Adding trees and shrubs to your property is a great way to add a feeling of security, giving you and others a sense of privacy. This privacy will allow you to feel relaxed and comfortable which is exactly how you should feel in your own backyard. Once you’ve selected and placed your larger plants, you can add pops of color with flowers and smaller bushes. To ensure your plants will be well-placed and receive proper nutrients from the ground, we’ll prepare new or prep existing flower beds that may have dried out during the colder months. Once they’re ready, we’ll work with you to select designs and colors that will please your eye, fit your style, and last the entire season.

The sense of privacy that plants provide will become especially valuable if you want to install a pool or hot tub. Pools and hot tubs add an extra element of relaxation and rejuvenation that brings you one step closer to a natural body of water without the time and cost of travel. Pools and hot tubs offer an additional opportunity for your backyard to be a beautiful environment for entertainment, relaxation, and fun for kids and adults alike. With hundreds of styles, designs, and sizes to choose from, we’ll help you find just the right fit for your space, your vision, and your budget. Our construction team can also work with you on a custom design tailored to your space and your needs to create your own little escape. Once installed, pools and hot tubs don’t have to be expensive to maintain. We’ll use water and energy-efficient technologies that help reduce water and electric bills when your pool or hot tub is in use.

Want some summer fun beyond the pool? Give your yard a unique dimension and work on your golf swing with a custom-made putting green. Going to the driving range or golf course can be expensive, especially if you have a big group. With a putting green in your backyard, all you have to do is step outside to be transported to a professional facility—for free. We can install grass or turf at different levels and bunkers so you can work on chipping, long putts, short putts, hitting from the sand, and fine-tuning your short-game strategy.

When the activities have quieted and the group is hungry, you’ll love having a kitchen just steps from the action. Comfortably dining outside is one of the greatest joys of summer, and installing a full kitchen or bar in your backyard is a way to guarantee you’ll be able to take advantage of every beautiful evening. Adding food and drinks to a gathering is a quick way to keep your guests and your family happy and engaged, and we can help you do both with outdoor kitchens that feature elegant stainless-steel cabinetry, full-service bars, granite countertops, and a variety of professional equipment like wine chillers and pizza ovens.

While your at-home chef works their magic, the group can congregate around a beautifully designed firepit or fireplace to enjoy conversation in the fire’s welcoming glow. As the evening progresses and the temperature drops, a fire will keep everyone warm and comfortable while they soak in the beauty of your backyard oasis and enjoy each other’s company.

The beauty of summertime is best enjoyed outside, and we look forward to helping you transform your outdoors into a summer backyard sanctuary personalized to fit your property, your style, and your vision to be enjoyed throughout the year.