Planning Your Backyard Design with All-Year Use in Mind

Planning Your Backyard Design with All-Year Use in Mind

Outdoor family time

People have differing opinions on which aspect of their home is the most important. For example, some emphasize the kitchen, pointing out that it’s the place where the family gathers to eat and can offer a significant amount of comfort. Others believe that the living room is the true focal point of a home since it’s where homeowners often entertain guests the most.

Some might even say that the backyard is the most important part of their home. For a young professional, it might be where they throw barbecues and invite friends over for drinks. Other families might use the space to grow their own food. Of course, there are many families that allow their kids to run around in the backyard, whether it’s to play with siblings, practice sports, or simply enjoy a nice day.

Create The Right Gathering Space

We all know that backyards are a place to gather, no matter who you are or whatever the situation. You might be a single professional who simply enjoys inviting friends over for cocktails, for example, and use your backyard as a social space. Similarly, you might also have young kids and use the backyard for birthday parties. How can you design your backyard so that it’s a welcoming place, no matter what the season or weather conditions are?

You may want to consider designing a fully covered dining space so that guests can eat and drink in your backyard while simultaneously avoiding the rain. An open-air fire pit can also be a useful way to keep guests warm during the winter. These minor additions can improve the overall functionality of your backyard.

Who is Coming?

There’s no point in revolutionizing your backyard completely unless you have a clear idea of what you want to do with it. Let’s say that you have tons of pets, but have no pet-friendly additions to your backyard…what is the point of going through the trouble if your dogs/cats can’t enjoy some running time? If you have pets, you might not want to choose an outdoor rug, because the pets could end up damaging it in various ways.

Similarly, if you don’t have kids, you should consider more adult additions that can improve the space, whether it’s a patio for drinks or some lighting choices that take into consideration the fact that you might be outside past midnight. If you do have kids, understand that there has to be some space for them to play, and decorating for every inch of the backyard in this case simply doesn’t make sense.

Don’t Confuse and/or Clutter

Many people might get the urge to make their backyard as attractive as possible, and add as many elements as they can. However, the truth is that this can make your backyard seem chaotic and random. There’s nothing wrong with choosing some artistic pieces to highlight, but if you put up all sorts of random art, it can seem more like a random art gallery than a backyard.

You also might want to consider keeping a theme cohesive. If you are into an “industrial” look, there’s no need to confuse guests with other additional materials that stray from this theme. You might want to spruce up your backyard and add some Bohemian or retro elements, but there’s no reason to go overboard. 

It should also be noted that some breathing room can help your backyard feel less suffocating and more comfortable. After all, you want guests to be able to enjoy your backyard without feeling like they are limited to a tight space.

Add Some Elegance

Some homeowners are focused on the fact that their interior designs should be as elegant as possible, but are willing to completely neglect their backyard since it’s outside. This might prove a major misstep, especially on days where the weather is particularly nice. However, there are some out-of-the-box ways to improve your backyard aesthetic. If your budget allows for it, you might want to consider adding a pergola.

It’s not just about adding an art piece or some interesting materials to your backyard. You might consider adding a stone path to provide a more “earthy” feel to your home. Other homeowners might prefer coordinated plants that take advantage of changing seasons. You might want to build a container garden or add a deck to shake things up.

It can be a difficult step to revamp your backyard. There are all sorts of options available, whether your budget allows for new materials, new artwork, or luxurious items such as a pergola or fountain. 

Of course, there are also major changes that can be made without spending tens of thousands of dollars. Whatever you have in mind, make sure to consult Ohio Valley Group for all of your design and landscaping needs. We serve Cleveland and all of the surrounding areas.