How to Choose a Landscape Design Contractor

How to Choose a Landscape Design Contractor

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Statistics say more than half of U.S. home and commercial business owners leverage the expertise and skill of a landscape design provider to ensure their property looks its absolute best year-round. 

For homeowners, a personalized landscape design can add tremendous value to your curb appeal, improved security through strategic plant and light placement, and a healthier lawn.

For commercial business owners, an effective landscape design creates that all-too-important first impression for clients, and an individual outdoor setting that subtlety expresses the values, tastes and attention to detail of the business.

Keep in mind that not all landscape designers are the same. Getting the landscape design you want depends entirely upon the provider you select.

The professional landscape designers with the Ohio Valley Group will give you a few pointers for making the right selection so that your landscape ideas can be transformed into reality.

What type of landscape design contractor do I need?

This depends upon your needs. If you want a complete landscape design or installation, a full-service landscape design provider is your answer. 

There is a host of companies who do a fine job with basic lawn maintenance – but they don’t go much beyond that.

Here at Ohio Valley Group, we’re the epitome of a full-service landscape provider. In addition to creative – and affordable – design, we also offer:

  • Installation of hardscape items (patios, fire and water features, stone walkways, retaining walls, decks, fencing, etc.)
  • A complete line of tree services, including professional pruning and shaping by a licensed arborist, evaluation and disease diagnosis, tree and stump removal, and more
  • Regular maintenance so you don’t have to do the work
  • Snow plowing and ice removal
  • Outdoor lighting solutions for practically any need, from safety to entertainment

Our services do not end at your doorstep, though.

We also provide a full array of interior design and renovations, including installing wine cellars, building a home theater, and creating children’s playrooms and family rooms.

What should I ask potential landscape design contractor candidates?

Making an informed decision depends upon getting as much information as possible during the selection process.

This is definitely a process you shouldn’t rush.

Take the time to personally meet and speak with potential candidates. Here is a brief listing of questions to add to the ones you already have.

  • Are you insured and bonded? This protects you from possible legal action.
  • Are there specialists on staff? Every aspect of landscape design and service is a specialty craft that demands expertise. For example, if your tree is not pruned correctly, it could lead to extreme damage and endanger the tree’s life expectancy.
  • Is your work guaranteed? Don’t waste your time and hard-earned money on a landscape design provider who won’t stand behind their work.
  • Will you provide me with a drawing of your design plans for my property? Before the first bit of physical work is done, a drawing – preferably in the form of 2D or 3D renderings – will give you a complete understanding of how the finished project will look. If any changes or alterations need to be done, they should be completed at the drawing stage.
  • How long have you offered landscape design services? Ideally, you need someone who has established a reputation for delivering outstanding service and has assembled a team with enough resources and experience to do the job to your specifications. For more than 30 years, the Ohio Valley Group has established a reputation for being the landscape provider of choice in northeast Ohio.
  • Can you provide a list of references? The opinions of previous clients can give you invaluable insight into if the provider actually delivers on their promises. 

Making the right selection for your landscape contract requires you to do your homework. But, it’s definitely worth it in the long run. 

Are there other benefits from landscaping?

When done correctly, landscape design has a tremendous positive impact on your property and the world around you. In other words, it’s an incredibly environmentally conscious thing to do.

Beyond providing cooler temperatures during the warmer months, properly maintained trees, bushes, shrubs and grass remove dangerous carbon dioxide, seize smoke and dust particles, and produce oxygen.

In fact, a single tree in a properly landscaped yard can provide enough oxygen for four people every single day of the year. 

Effective design can also minimize the chances of flooding and erosion.

For a effective and professional landscape design contractor, the smart choice is the Ohio Valley Group.

With a team comprised of architects, designers, lawn maintenance experts and installers, the Ohio Valley Group has been recognized with numerous national, state and local honors.

With our Vision Planner, we can get to work on planning your design renovations as soon as you give us the go-ahead.

To discover more about how our expertise and services can help you, call us at 440-543-0500. You can also contact us online