Tips for Upping Winter Curb Appeal

Tips for Upping Winter Curb Appeal

It may seem difficult to keep your yard looking great when plants die and damp snow creates mud puddles. But, it is still possible to do some upkeep during the winter season. If you pride yourself on having impeccable landscaping throughout all four seasons of the year, these guidelines will help upkeep your winter curb appeal.

Spruce Up with a Fresh Coat of Paint

Trees are typically bare during the cold months of winter, so the fall and winter seasons provide a clearer view of your property than during the spring and summer. This could more readily reveal chipped or faded paint. As such, giving the exterior of your home a fresh coat of paint can go a long way in significantly enhancing your winter curb appeal.

While painting is possible in the winter, make sure the temperature is above 35° and you choose the correct type of paint.

Manage Snow and Ice

It is essential to ensure that both guests and household members can make it to the front door without encountering any mishaps or suffering any injury.  Slips can be prevented by laying down salt and shoveling regularly to manage ice and snow and clear the walkways, driveway, and stairs of leaves and other debris. This also makes your home and yard look nice and well-kept.

Keep the Lawn Tidy

Even though the grass may have lost its vibrant color, the lawn can still be kept looking neat. Periodically raking and getting rid of leaves and other debris will ensure the lawn is much more aesthetically appealing.

Clean the Gutters

During the fall, rain gutters are usually subjected to the accumulation of leaves. Therefore, it is important to clean out the gutters so they do not detract from the appeal of your property. This is a great opportunity to show that you are on top of exterior home maintenance.  Additionally, cleaning out the gutters will also ensure they function optimally.

Winter Decorations

Whether it is a strategically placed inflatable Santa Claus, elaborate nativity scene, or subtle wintry decorations, you can bring out the beauty of your landscape with some festive decor.  You could also hang a simple wreath on the front door, string small lights around the shrubbery, or neatly stack a pile of firewood against a wall.

Outdoor Lighting

Daylight becomes shorter and shorter during the long, cold months of winter.  Because of this, having suitable outdoor lighting will ensure your home is safer and more visually appealing. Consider using a series of path lights or luminaries to light up the way to the front door. You could also flank the door with decorative and functional lanterns or sconces.

Add Visual Appeal with Seasonal Plants

Evergreen trees are available year-round and are available in more than just shades of green. You can use the Dwarf Blue Spruce and Dwarf Gold Thread Cypress to bring bursts of blue and yellow to the landscape. Pansies, witch hazel, and other cold-resistant plants can also do a great deal to liven up any drab landscape.

These guidelines will help you to ensure your curb appeal does not become frozen in the blistering cold of the winter season. If you have any questions or want a professional for the job, contact us today.